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For this Dollar Tree home decor DIY I made a beautiful table. This project is simple & easy to do. You can use this to display your holiday or fall decor this season. After several requests, I looked around online at what was trending, modern, and with an elegant twist, this is what I came up with. This can be recreated to match any style decor but of course, I did mine in bling and glam. This table is far and away my new favorite addition to my room decor. Everything you need to recreate this can be found at Dollar Tree but I do use a couple of upgrade options that are the same cost.

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Materials used
6 – long 11×3 canvases
4 – wooden decor boxes (prefer pop up)
2- 8×10 silver frames
2 – 5×7 silver frames
Adhesive bling wrap or mosaic mirrors
1-inch craft mirrors (optional)
1 or 2 – 4×6 picture frames with an easel in the back. (4 inches) you can cut two of the 6 inches to make 4 inches or purchase 2 frames.

The materials I used I had on hand and were leftovers from previous projects. Feel free to substitute and use anything you have on hand that works for this DIY.

The mosaic mirrors I still haven’t found myself at Dollar Tree. The ones I order from Amazon are here – 3600 Pc mosaic mirror

I also used picture frame pieces leftover from previous projects.

I used a 12×20 inch beveled mirror from Micheal’s. I looked on their website and the cost is $8.00. After I used a 50% off coupon I pulled up on my phone while in the check out line I paid just over four dollars. They currently have a 60% off coupon and always have at least a 40% – 50% they offer on their website. To me I think this is the better quality for the same money but if you don’t have a Micheal’s nearby you can use Dollar Tree’s 5×7 mirrors and it turns out to be super close to the same size as the mirror I used in this DIY. I have a project where I attached 4 of these mirrors together creating a vanity tray. Here is the link if you prefer this method rather than the large beveled mirror
Also another option I mentioned in the video is for an even bigger tabletop you could connect 4 of their 8×10 mirrors. Something I didn’t mention is you can custom make your tabletop to any size using their small 5×5 square mirrors. That would be the more costly route but it is an option. All these costs about the same thing so it’s all about whatever you like and what size best fits your needs. You can shorten the table legs and make a long coffee if you wanted. The options are endless.

The bling I used at the end of the video was a roll I bought at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago. The roll was $14 and I used a half off coupon. I still have plenty left and I’ve been asked after showing this ribbon in the 5 piece vanity set DIY about a link. I haven’t been able to find it at all on Hobby Lobby’s website but I have seen this same roll online on & Amazon. If I find a link I’ll share that as well and if you know of where to find it let us know in the comments & I’ll share it here in the description box. You can use gems, Dollar Tree bling wrap, or even glitter. You do not have to do this exactly how I did if you choose to recreate this project.

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