Our DIY Swing Bed

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When decorating a new space, one thing I like doing is shopping around our own home to see if anything we already have will work.

Once we completed the back deck last summer, we moved the dining table from our firepit area to the back deck, which left our firepit area empty.

Wanting a place to sit and roast some marshmallows, we then moved the Adirondack chairs that were once on our front porch to our firepit area and picked up two more to complete the look.

This was the front porch before…

image3 copy

And this is how the firepit area ended up after we swiped the chairs for this new spot:

image1 copy 2

But in doing so, our front porch was left without seating. This is when it hit me that the perfect thing to replace the Adirondack chairs would be something I have been swooning over for quite a while; a swing bed.

After I presented my vision to my husband, it didn’t take long for him to jump on-board, and below is the finished product! I’ve also included some tips in this post if you decide to make one, too!

image1 copy 3

And the view into the evening:


Although the space wasn’t the largest to work with, we deemed it just big enough. After taking some time to locate the studs in that area, we were able to decide on the size of the swing bed and after a few quick drawings, we got to work!

After designing the swing bed, my husband started building it while I went searching for the right stain, cushion cover, and pillows.

This picture is of us deciding how high the back should be, and I recommend getting your pillows out to see where they will hit on the back of your swing, giving you a pretty good idea of where you want them.



This is the stain I chose. And trust me, it looks WAY more gray on the can than it actually turns out. See below!


To make sure it all “worked,” I stained a spare board to make sure it all went with the finishing touches I had picked up. (All sources listed at the bottom.)


We also decided last minute to get rid of all of the shrubs in front of the porch giving more leg-room for the swing, as well as another way to approach the swing.


To decide how high we wanted it off the ground, we rigged a temporary rope through the d rings (the gold rings pictured below) that allowed us to raise and lower the swing to our liking.


And once we decided on the right height, which for us was 10″ from the ground, my husband used the rope to tie clove hitch knots around the d rings to secure it all in place.

TIP! If you look closely, you can see that my husband secured the d rings to the ceiling in different directions; one vertical and one horizontal on each side. Doing this makes sure the swing can’t sway too far out, hitting the house. Instead, it gives off just the perfect little drift back and forth.


Once hung, I strung some lights above, created a stone path where the shrubs once were, and it was done!

image1 copy


image1 copy 2

image5 copy

I am actually also really proud of that path! I went to the outdoor supply store, found all the stones, loaded them up and designed the path myself! Not bad, eh?

image4 copy

This has turned out to be one of our absolute favorite spots and we are often out here swinging away. Is this a trend you could see yourself having at your own home?


SOURCES (Click on the underlined words to be taken to the store)

Euro sham covers

Euro sham inserts

Throw pillows – Found at Homegoods and Tuesday Morning

Throw blanket- Found at TJ Maxx

Daybed mattress cover

Rope- 1″ rope, and we got 50 feet of it

d rings 

Twin mattress – Had a spare we weren’t using



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