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If you miss travelling, site seeing and simply baking on the beach, here is one for you!

I recorded the intro to this video last year, during our holiday in Portugal and had no time to put it all together until now! I am so happy that this super cool project can see the day light of day and I hope you guys like it too !?


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Video Transcript:

Hi everyone and welcome back to the The Color Of Space. So now I am going to show you how I’ve transformed this simple white T-shirt to a lovely summer tie dye, pearl piece.

I am starting from wet the T-shirt which will help the pint to blend nicely.
I spread it on the table and starting to dye the top part. I quite like light blue color so let’s try this now.

I know you going to ask now how I prepared the paint so all this you can find in my previews videos but I also do a quick reminder here, so I’ve prepared my paint in the plastic pots. Each cup is with a different color, I’ve added around 2 small spoons of dye paint and 1 small spoon of salt to each pot.

When the top is ready I wrinkle up the bottom part of the T-shirt using string.
I know many people using rubber bands and of course you can use it too but I quite like the different effect which I can get using string.

Now it’s time to paint the bottom part of the top .
I also painting edges of the sleeves and collar.
When it is all ready I leave the T-shirt in a plastic bag for few hours it can also be left for overnight.
Next step is to simply pull it out of the bag, cut the string, wash it in 30 degrees and dry it.

Now it’s time to embellish the collar. So in here everything what you have to do is find your favourite beads, I quite like the pearls and I found this lovely pearl patch which will suit perfectly and I hand stitch it!

I am done, this is the final look, I think it look gorgeous and perfect for sunny days and what’s better no one will have the same T- shirt!

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